*adatas, use_rep=None, n_meta=None, skeleton=None, model='Lasso', **kwargs)[source]

Metacell-based regression

  • *adatas (AnnData) – Datasets to be correlated, where .X are raw counts (indexed by modality name)

  • use_rep (typing.Optional[str]) – Data representation based on which to cluster meta-cells

  • n_meta (typing.Optional[int]) – Number of metacells to use

  • skeleton (typing.Optional[DiGraph]) – Skeleton graph determining which pair of features to correlate

  • model (str) – Regression model (should be a class name under sklearn.linear_model)

  • **kwargs – Additional keyword arguments are passed to the regression model

Return type:



regr – A skeleton-based graph containing regression weights as edge attribute “regr”